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Great Circus of Failure is a collective working with performance and new media. It

was formed by Masha Fomenko and Petr Laden in spring 2018 and is based in Halle, Germany.



Performensk Festival, Atelier 210, Brussels, Belgium (December 2022)

Art Go East Festival, krudebude, Leipzig, Germany (May 2021)

Alfred ve dvoře Mime Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic (March 2021)

Electromuseum, Moscow, Russia (September 2020)

Work Hard! Play Hard! festival, Minsk, Belarus (June 2020)

Arada Festival, Istanbul, Turkey (February 2020)

Performensk Festival, Minsk, Belarus (September 2019)

Xarkis Festival, Polystipos, Cyprus (August 2019)

Roja Art Lab, Roja, Latvia (August 2019)

9th Inter-format Symposium on Fluidity of Humour & Absurdity, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania (June 2019)

Spieltrieb exhibition, krudebude, Leipzig, Germany (June 2019)

Riga Performance Festival: Starptelpa, Riga, Latvia (June 2019)

ARé performing arts festival, Yerevan, Armenia (April 2019)

Kolkata International Performance Art Festival (kipaf'19), Kolkata, India (January 2019)

Wärmflasche, Vernéřovice, Czech Republic (December 2018)

The Wall Series, Paul Studios, Berlin, Germany (November 2018)

outsideininsideoutinsideoutoutsidein, Stadt Wehlen, Germany (October 2018)

Carbonarium Festival, Kiev, Ukraine (July 2018)

Performensk Festival, Minsk, Belarus (July 2018)

Suoja Festival, Helsinki, Finland (June 2018)


Gamma_LAB XR, St. Petersburg, Russia (May 2020)

Xarkis Festival, Polystipos, Cyprus (August 2019)

Roja Art Lab, Roja, Latvia (July - August 2019)

Carte Blanche theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark (March 2019)

Travers, Glyptoteket, Copenhagen, Denmark (November 2018)

Electromuseum VR residency, Moscow, Russia (May 2018)

Masha Fomenko

Lives and works in Halle an der Saale. Main areas of interest are visual art, book art, performative and contemplative practices.


Petr Laden 

Born in 1982, Moscow, Russia. Graduated from Moscow State University and Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia. Member of Upward! community, Vidiot group, curator and co-founder of apartment gallery ex-Brown stripe, founder and program director of 7th Floor Radio. Main media: video, performance, site-specific installations.   

Darya Zvezdina 

Born in 1990. Graduated from Ural Conservatory and Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. At different times studied with Dmitri Kourliandski, Klaus Lang, Clemens Gadenstaetter, Beat Furrer. Currently based in Tel Aviv and Berlin.

Composer, musical improvisor, performer. 

For Great Circus of Failure Darya created '(endless) songs for masha' and choreogrhaphy 'to my little monsters'.


Professor of Human Studies and Antigravity.

Director of Great Circus of Failure. 

Also he is a dog.

Photos and videos: Nikita Pavlov, Vasilisa Filatova, Ksenia Yurkova, Anna Maskava, 

Emma Louise Charalambous, Robert Luzar, Ronit Porat, Manuel Janssens, Vardit Goldner

Voices of Roja: Elina Ruka, Veronika Grosbahs

Voices of Polystipos: Andreas Savva, Anastasia Taki

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